Heather Rounds received her MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Baltimore in 2007. After graduating she took a teaching job in Kurdistan, Iraq and while there briefly did some journalism for a local, English speaking newspaper. Her experiences with the paper served as the inspiration for her debut novel, There, which won Emergency Press’ 2011 International book award and was published by the Press in 2013. Though she started her publishing career as a poet, over the years she’s moved into hybrid forms of fiction. And while most interested in prose at this point, Rounds maintains an allegiance to the lyrical and visual, placing high value on the way words sound and look on the page, as well as the white space that surrounds them. She is inspired by place, history, culture, and social strata and is interested in utilizing written forms as a means of exploring the ephemeral and how living beings engage and fail to engage with each other. She leans toward topics that include some degree of research, be it through travel or reading, but primarily for fictive purposes. Her poetry and short works of fiction have appeared in numerous publications, including PANK, The Baltimore Review, Poet Lore, Big Lucks, Smokelong Quarterly and Atticus Review. Her novella, She Named Him Michael, was published by Ink Press in spring of 2017 and her most recent novel, Light There is to Find, was published in the fall of 2018 by Adelaide Books. Rounds serves as PR Manager for Mason Jar Press. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband, painter Teddy Johnson, and their son.